PDA Contacts

The PDA office is manned on a part time basis and cannot always respond quickly to information requests. You are generally advised to make contact by Fax or Email.

PDA – Contacts
Mark Sowden
Carter Pumps Ltd
Telephone: 01380 734 900

Chairman Elect:
Tony Keville
Tomlinson Hall Ltd
Telephone: 01642 379 500

Hon Secretary:
Paul Marshall
Marshall Pump Systems Ltd

PDA – Council Members

    • Mike Gladwish
    • Xylem – Cleghorn Warring – Water Process Ltd
    • David Foster
    • Kinder – Janes Engineers Ltd
    • Jim Gallacher
    • Clyde Associated Engineers Ltd
    • Graeme Shimwell
    • Hereford Rewinds Ltd
    • Gordon Hiscock
    • Multi Pump Distribution Ltd
    • Stuart Tomlinson
    • GM Treble LtdLtd
PDA – Director
Gerard Hetherington

PDA Office:

Pump Distributors Association
c/o 6, School Hill

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1394 450181
email: pumps@the-pda.com