The Pump Distributors Association

The Pump Distributors Association (PDA) was established in 1985 by leading and progressive distributors of pumps and pumping accessories.

The PDA is the corporate representative body for the pump distribution industry within Britain and Ireland. Its aim is to promote the efficient and effective use of quality products for the benefit of users, whether companies or individuals. The PDA has a code of conduct thus ensuring customer satisfaction whilst upholding the high reputation of its members. The code is binding on all members and provision is made in the Association’s Constitution for investigation and arbitration in any cases of complaint.

The PDA acts as a forum for the acquisition and dissemination of information relevant to members’ interests. In particular the PDA has produced guidance papers on training and safety within the industry. The Association has also invested in the collection of data enabling the rapid location of information on sources of supply for pumps and spares.


Membership of the Pump Distributors Association is open to limited liability companies, partnerships and sole traders who have a substantial interest in the pump industry. Members can have varying interests in pumps covering not only distribution but installation, repairs, service, importation, assembly and manufacturing. Applicants must have been established for at least three years and demonstrated sound and honourable business practices over that period. Membership means complying with a number of obligations; these are defined in the association’s Code of Practice.

Interested in joining? Complete the PDA Membership Aplication form.

Associate Membership is granted to firms who have a small percentage of their sales turnover in pumps or to firms who sell pump related products and services.

From time to time the PDA organises meetings of its members to enable the exchange of information about products, training, safety and technical matters relating to pumps and pumping.

A convenient brochure that can be printed of forwarded to colleagues can be download here A4 Leaflet Feb 2015


The day to day work of the Association is carried out by an elected Council consisting of representatives from member companies. The Association’s Director is responsible for co-ordination and is the focal point of contact for PDA activities. The Director is retained by the Association to work on a part-time basis. For contact regarding membership, advertising, complaints and events please fax or email the PDA office.

To identify the source of a particular pump or spares please contact the PDA member nearest your location, see map on “Members” page.
If that member cannot help trace an obsolete or unknown pump please contact the PDA office who may be able to carry out a more extensive search.